Terms & Conditions

1. Appointments are billable for a minimum of 1 hour unless otherwise agreed, with the minimum charge being $60.00 unless otherwise agreed.

2. Beyond the first billable period of time (as above), you will be billed in quarter hourly increments at a rate of $15 per quarter hour unless other terms were agreed on by both parties, otherwise $15/15min would be charged.

3. All prices given include GST unless stated that they do not.

4. In some situations it is required that we pause the appointment and come back at a later date, in this case, any time (rounded to the nearest ¼ hour) not used in the minimum appointment time will be carried over to the next appointment. Payment must be tendered for the minimum amount at the end of the job.

5. Payment is required to be tendered at the end of the appointment unless otherwise agreed. If you wish to pay by internet banking a email with the invoice will be attached and a due date in 7 days.

6. Printer and network issues are always given a 7 day grace period where by we will fix the problem if it is related to the job done previously, for free.

7. We absolutely run the extra mile to achieve the objectives of the appointment but we are unable to guarantee everything that has been discussed can be completed. 

8. After the appointment, if you are experiencing issues with anything we have assisted with during the appointment, please advise us within 7 days of the appointment. We will attempt to assist with any issues remotely during this time, free of charge. If another onsite appointment is required, we come over for free.

9. The extent of any liability attributable to Digital Ingenious Solutions is any money paid for labour only.

10. Any physical products or software purchased via Digital Ingenious Solutions remains Digital Ingenious Solutions property until you have paid in full